COVID-19 Vaccination

In alignment with the Ministry of Health’s provincial camp guidance, last updated on March 1, 2022, Camp Scugog does not require vaccination against COVID-19 to work at, volunteer at, or attend Camp Scugog.

The Camp Scugog leadership team remains committed to ensuring the safety of campers, volunteers and staff. Since the start of the pandemic we have implemented many safety protocols at camp including limiting cohort sizes, developing an isolation protocol, encoring masking when appropriate and practicing proper hand hygiene, and increasing cleaning and disinfection.

The Ontario Camp Association provides the following COVID-19 resources for parents and guardians: AboutKids COVID-19 Learning Hub, Book a COVID-19 Vaccine in Ontario, Book a COVID-19 Test in Ontario.

As new guidance and protocols are provided by the Ministry of Health and/or Public Health, we will update our protocols and communicate these changes to the Scugog community.

For questions concerning the COVID-19 vaccination policy please contact Dana Leahey, Camp Director at