Water Activities


Regardless of skill level, each camper has the opportunity to enjoy canoeing on Lake Scugog. Whether paddling through the swamp and discovering new animals and plants, playing canoe games, or learning new skills, our campers are certain to enjoy this great Canadian tradition.


Kayaking has become a favourite activity at Camp Scugog as campers are able to manoeuvre themselves around our bay, testing their own skills and abilities while feeling the accomplishment of propelling themselves forward.


Qualified instructors introduce campers safely to the joy of this popular sport. Campers love propelling themselves around Lake Scugog, soaking in the sun and laughing as waves splash into their boats.


Swimming is an integral part of our camp program, in fact most campers swim several times each day. While experienced campers are able to work on their swimming strokes and skills, those less familiar with the water receive individual attention so that they may succeed and become confident playing, splashing and swimming.

Camp Scugog is pleased to offer our LIT’s their Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross certifications to provide them with job opportunities as well as valuable skills to take to their homes and communities